Yield Master Solutions Test Plot Results Demonstrate Benefits Of Envita™ In Corn

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Yield Master Solutions Test Plot Results Demonstrate Benefits Of Envita™ In Corn

Nitrogen fixing bacteria improves yield, test weight and moisture content

Data and observations gathered from field trials in North Dakota and Minnesota are shedding new light on the crop improvements possible with Envita. An earlier post here highlighted the in-season observations that growers were making about Envita-treated corn, including more advanced growth and denser root systems, less leaf chlorosis in older leaves, and larger cobs. These observations all suggested higher yield would be inevitable. Now we have the data to support that hypothesis.

The results coming out of these trials are particularly significant because they experienced a stressed growing season. Heavy spring rains meant late seeding, a shortened growing season and rushing to get crops off; and therefore, concerns about crop maturity and N uptake. 


In spite of the stress, end-of-season data from the New Salem, North Dakota trial shows that Envita-treated corn had significantly improved yield, test weight and moisture levels. 

Trial 1:


Trial 2:


The bump in yield is obviously the ultimate benefit. But why are those other metrics important? In a late or wet year, test weight is affected after the grain dries down; the moisture component of the grain is critical to optimizing return. Both test weight and moisture content were better in the Envita-treated corn.

Trial 1:


Trial 2:


Visual Observations:

The YMS trial in Wolverton, Minnesota also produced exciting visual observations in the harvested grain that support the benefits of an earlier maturing crop.

Black Layer

First, Envita advanced the crop to the black layer faster – a critical point in maturity, especially in stressed seasons. 


Second, the Envita-treated crops also demonstrated denting earlier than those without Envita, confirming that drying was underway more quickly.

Early maturity will always offer an advantage to growers — earlier harvest and avoiding keeping crops in the field over winter.


We are looking forward to sharing more data from the field trials planned for 2020 that will continue to demonstrate the superior performance possible with Envita. Stay tuned!