Envita – Late August In Field Observations

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

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Envita – Late August In Field Observations


Our team just wrapped up farm tours in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa to see Envita in the field. We talked with growers about their experience with Envita – here’s what we found:


Envita treated corn consistently showing:

  • More advance growth / taller plants
  • A denser root system
  • Less variability in maturity throughout treated section
  • Less leaf chlorosis in older leaves
  • Increased N in leaf tissues
  • Larger Cobs

1. More advanced growth & a denser root system

Minnesota, July: Envita treated plant

NW Iowa, July. Left: 100% of N applied. Middle: 30lbs. less N and Envita. Right: 100% N and Envita

2. Less leaf chlorosis in older leaves

Nebraska – Reduced N trial –

(left) untreated plant showing leaf chlorosis

(right) treated plant with less chlorosis.

3. Larger cobs

Nebraska – Envita treated plants on the right



We are also seeing excellent results in soybeans including – more advanced growth and higher pod count.

Treated soybean plots constantly emerged fastest and had a higher pod count.


Effect of Envita (left) on soybeans relative to untreated control (right). Increase in pod development for Envita treated soybeans.