Frequently Asked Questions

1What Crops Does Gd Work On?
We have yet to find a crop that Gd cannot successfully colonize and achieve N-fixation benefits. Our research started in maize and soybeans and now has moved into other crops like rice, wheat, canola potatoes and cotton. We are currently working on perennial crops such as coffee, tea, tree fruit and nut, forestry, etc. Please visit our results section to see how the technology performs across different crops. If you are interested in testing Gd on a new crop, please Contact Us.
2How Does Gd Fit Into My Fertilizer Program?
You can use Gd two ways: 1) apply your recommended fertility program and Gd will boost your yield OR 2) cut back your synthetic N fertilizer and use Gd to maintain your normal yield.
3Can Gd Last Form One Season to The Next in the Soil?
Since Gd is an endophyte (lives within plants) it does not survive in the soil from one season to the next.
4How Is Gd Applied?
Gd can be applied using multiple application methods. The primary method of application is foliar application. Please check your local label for registered application types. See Use Instructions for more information
5Can I Mix Gd With Herbicides and Fungicides?
Gd is compatible with most leading herbicides and fungicides.
6How Does Gd Need To Be Stored?
This is a live bacteria and may require specific storage considerations. Store in a cool and dry location, away from sunlight. Use as soon as possible after opening. We are continuously improving our formulations to improve their stability in various environments.
7Can Use Gd On My Organic Farm/Organic Crops?
Yes, Gd is certified organic with numerous certification organizations such as OMRI in North America. Gd is a naturally occurring, food-grade bacteria endemic to most continents and it is not genetically modified. Contact us if you would like us to pursue organic certification in your area.
8Do You Offer Agronomist Support?
Yes! If you would like to discuss using Encera with one of our agronomists, please contact us. We will get in touch to answer any questions or concerns.
9How to I source Gd?
Visit the Country pages to find your local supplier.