Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time


Encera Fills The Nitrogen Gap

Now your maize can fix nitrogen

Encera™ is a patented, nitrogen-fixing product that works from within the plant to metabolise atmospheric nitrogen to plant available nitrogen, providing a season long nitrogen supply. Applied in-furrow at seeding or as a post-emergent foliar spray, Encera enables cells throughout the plant, including foliage and roots, to fix their own nitrogen and fill the nitrogen gap between available and accessible N. Air is 78% nitrogen and Encera bacteria naturally metabolises N directly from the air, allowing the crop to optimise nitrogen for growth and higher yields OR reduce your N fertiliser program and maintain yield.

The way nitrogen fertiliser is utilised is inefficient. Applied nitrogen fertiliser is often lost due to environmental factors before peak nutrient demand from the crop.

Available Nitrogen that remains in the soil must be translocated into the plant to where it is needed for growth. Efficient nutrient translocation can be slowed in a plant due to drought conditions and other stressors – available N does not necessarily equal accessible N.

Encera provides a constant, season-long supply of nitrogen from within the cells of the plant – exactly where nitrogen is needed filling the gap between available N and accessible N, optimising yield and providing a strong return on investment.



  • Include Encera with an existing fertiliser program to increase yield.
  • Can be used with reduced N-fertiliser programs
  • Can be applied in-furrow or as a foliar application.
  • Compatible with leading starter fertilisers (in-furrow) and herbicide and fungicide mixes.
    Consult label and use instructions for details.
  • Pre-mixed liquid formulation is ready to use with new dry formulation coming soon.

Revolutionising farming practices around the world, Encera allows farmers to take their yield potential to the next level with the option to reduce the amount of
nitrogen fertilisers applied to fields.

Azotic was formed to introduce sustainable biofertility options to farmers around the world with a global office in York, UK and North American offices in California, USA and Ontario, Canada. Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research and become a global leader in N-fixing technology. Finally, there is no compromise between high yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability.

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