Envita Grower Profile – Corn (foliar application)

Ted Gorski

Ontario, Canada

Envita Results:

  • 8-12 bu/ac yield boost compared to control consistently
  • Improved test weights – 62-63 lbs/bu
  • Healthier crop, bigger ears – longer and heavier


Ted Gorski and his family have farmed in southwestern Ontario since 1926. Today he farms with his 3 brothers approximately 3,000 ac of cash crops including corn, soybeans and winter wheat. Their philosophy – always look for better ways to improve yields and become better stewards of the land. Sustainability is key.

Ted wanted to try Envita because it gave him an option for N-fixation in crops other than relying solely on chemical fertilizers. If the plant can fix some of its own nitrogen, that’s good for yields and the land.

They applied Envita on corn as a foliar spray at the 8-leaf stage – a bit later than the ideal spray window. Plus, the season in south western Ontario was dry with only 1 inch of rain in July (on the last day) and 1 inch in August. Conditions were less than ideal and all the crops were under stress. Average yields in the area were down to 175 bu/ac.

The results on Ted’s farm were different.

  1. Average yield was 226 bu/ac and he saw his yield monitor go up over 300 bu/ac in the Envita strips.
  2. The strips where he applied Envita led to an overall 8-12 bu/ac yield boost compared to the control strip consistently.
  3. Where he applied Envita, the test weights were higher than his test weight table could measure at 62-63 lbs/bu, which he was able to verify at his local elevator
  4. The Envita-treated strips, which were all carried out at the full N rate, were healthier than control strips, the size of the ears were larger – longer and heavier.

This is a newly acquired farm for Ted and he and his brothers are interested to see how they can repeat the performance in years to come on other farms. “Success for me – there’s no magic bullet. If you improve 5 processes on the farm by 2-3%, you’ve got 15% improvement across your business and we’re happy for Envita to play a role in that,” concludes Ted.

We appreciate Ted’s willingness to share his Envita experience. He says “when we all share information, everyone becomes a little smarter.”  Thanks Ted!