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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

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The following use instructions are for the UK foliar application. As we update use instructions for countries around the world, we will provide links to them on this page. If you have any use instruction questions regarding any country or territory, please contact us at



Instructions for Use of Foliar Application of Encera
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Encera™ is a nitrogen-fixing solution that allows you to take control of nitrogen utilisation on your farm. Applied in-furrow or as a foliar spray, Encera enables cells throughout the plant, including foliage and roots, to fix their own nitrogen and fill the nitrogen gap between crop required and crop available nitrogen. In order to get the best results with Encera, follow these practices.

Encera concentrate comes packaged in a 3.78 L jug. Each jug of Encera will cover 15 ha when applied as a foliar application. Minimum water volume is 100 L/ha.

Encera fits most fertiliser programs and is easy to use. If you are considering an application method that is not covered below, please contact us at for support.

Encera is compatible for tank-mixing with most crop protection products.  Some herbicides with 2,4-D or MCPA have antibacterial effects and should be used with caution. To avoid compatibility issues, add Encera to the tank last and apply as quickly as possible.

Encera Mixing Instructions: 

  1. Shake each 3.78L Encera jug thoroughly for a minimum of 30 seconds before mixing.
  2. If using Encera on its own, apply 235 ml/HA in a minimum of 100 L and up to 400 L/ha volume of water.
  3. If using Encera alone, it is recommended that a non-ionic surfactant be mixed with the spray solution at a minimum rate of 0.1% v/v.
  4. If mixing with a crop protection product, follow the label advice for spray adjuvants.
  5. If mixing with a pesticide, apply 235 ml/ha Encera in a minimum of 100 L and up to 400 L/ha total volume.
    • Before mixing with any agrichemicals (e.g., a herbicide), check for physical compatibility by doing a jar test.
    • Do not mix concentrated Encera with concentrated agrichemicals. Dilute Encera or agrichemicals with water first.
    • Perform mixes immediately before use. Do not allow mix to sit in the tank.


Mix in the following order: 

Option A:  1) Water 2) Encera 3) Agrichemicals 4) Spray adjuvants (if applicable).

Option B:  1) Water 2) Agrichemicals 3) Encera  4) Spray adjuvants (if applicable).


See mixing volume examples in Table 1 below.


* Recommend using maximum carrier volume allowed by agrichemical label with minimum 100 L/ha recommended. Do not exceed maximum carrier volume allowed by agrichemical label.


Crop Specific Recommendations:


*If the primary timing is missed, Encera offers benefits at other timings that suit your management practices.


In order to get the best results with Encera, follow these practices:

  • Apply either a) in the morning before drying time is accelerated OR b) later afternoon, after the
    heat of the day.
  • Avoid spraying in temperatures above 25°C.
  • Works with most spray systems.
  • Do not apply if a rain event is likely in 2 hours after applying Encera.
  • Do not freeze Encera. Store and keep Encera out of extreme hot or cold temperatures, ideally out of the sun, in cooler conditions. Large temperature fluctuations should be avoided.

For other crops, timing, or if you have further application questions, please contact us at .


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