The Future of Nitrogen

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

The Future of Nitrogen

In North Amerca, the Encera product is branded as Envita.

These 21 days will make or break corn yield

If corn doesn’t get sufficient nitrogen for the full 21 days, you’re leaving yield on the table. So how do you avoid that? Read More


Maintaining optimal N availability in crops under stress

Maintaining N levels in crops throughout the growing season is critical for plant growth and maximizing yield potential. Read More

Omission plot tests show Encera’s positive impact on corn yields

PhD candidate Connor Sible shared the results of corn trials completed under the supervision of Dr. Below. Read More


Rethink nitrogen efficiency, starting with the plant cell

Most discussions about nitrogen fertility typically include units of nitrogen required and total available N. That’s because...Read More

Diversifying crop inputs always makes sense

Diversifying crop inputs is a tried and true principle of good farm stewardship that can help mitigate risk and... Read More

Encera’s unique N-fixation mode. The ‘inside’ story

Encera®️ fixes nitrogen in corn and other crops all season long, and it does it from within the very cells of the plant. Read More

Microbials - bridging the gap from high expectations to high performance

Biological products have come to market with high hopes, performing well in controlled labs... Read More

Reducing negative impacts of heavy rainfall and nitrogen loss with Envita

Wet soil and flooding in the spring can keep many farmers from applying nitrogen fertilizer at their ideal time; Read more

Meeting 4R goals without sacrificing yield? Envita can Help

With increasing regulation around crop inputs, specifically nitrogen and phosphorous, growers are... Read More