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William Darnell - Caledonia, Mississippi

2019 Grower Profile

William Darnell

Caledonia, Mississippi

140ac of cotton


300 lbs to the acre more with Envita

Grades were .05 to .08 cents higher with Envita

"I had a sample of Envita and decided to put it on my cotton, about a 140 acre block. Cotton is our major source of income for us. We left 20 acres untreated. Once harvested we kept the cotton seperate - that field where Envita was applied turned out 300 lbs to the acre more and the grades were .05 to .08 cents higher.

Not to mention our cotton was better, the weight, the strength, the colour, quality (grade)  - it all paid off, it was fantastic. The plants that were treated with Envita were out of the ground a day or so earlier as well, faster to get to emergence. It shocked me how quickly it was up - you could visibly tell the difference in the rows that were planted with Envita and the rows that were planted without.

I like to try new stuff on my crops, it’s all about doing more with less. I plan on using this product next year on my cotton and other crops and am really interested to see how it goes."

William Darnell