Joel Lipp – Laurel, Nebraska

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Trial Results - Zoomed

"I've never seen my yield monitor go that high"

Joel Lipp – Laurel, Nebraska

2019 Grower Program Profile

Joel Lipp, Laurel, Nebraska

Foliar trial - corn


Envita treated yield: 293 bu/ac

Untreated check yield: 278 bu/ac

Soil type: Silty clay

Type of year: Wet

“We participated in the Envita Foliar trial in 2019 because I really wanted to push the envelope on yield. We applied at the V6 stage of a wet year. At harvest we were running two machines. I was sitting in one, and I’ve never seen my yield monitor go that high. It was awesome to see. I’ll be doing more with Envita this year.”

- Joel Lipp