Reducing negative impacts of heavy rainfall and nitrogen loss with Envita™

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Avoid spring weather delays and get nitrogen all season long.

Wet soil and flooding in the spring can keep many farmers from applying nitrogen fertilizer at their ideal time; worries of nutrient leeching, along with the effect rain has on the window for planting can be a big concern for growers, at a pivotal time in the season.   

Nutrient loss following a wet period can be a major issue. The most efficient and easiest way to apply nitrogen is with the planter, but that is not always possible. Higher yielding crops later in the season means getting corn in the ground as soon as possible – when nutrients are washed away, so are potential profits. Farmers are often posed with the question – do I delay my nitrogen application until the soil is dry enough and risk having corn in the ground too late or do I proceed with my regular planting program and consider options for N application later in the season?

Luckily, farmers don’t need to make this difficult decision – applied foliar or in-furrow, Encera enables every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen. Air is 78% nitrogen and the Encera bacteria enables the plant to naturally fix- N directly from the air, providing the plant with an additional source of nitrogen all season, including critical growth periods.

With this revolutionary technology, 25-50% of your nitrogen fertility program can be replaced or you can maintain current N levels and work towards producing a higher yield. On average, Encera delivers a 440 to 630 kg/ha yield increase on maize and rarely delivers an increase of less than 190 kg/ha, roughly the yield difference required to cover the costs of the product.