Thank you for purchasing Envita™

Please provide all of the necessary information below to receive your $1/ac purchase rebate

Fulfillment - 

Rebate is only available to US growers who purchase a minimum 4 gallons (1 case of Envita; 4 gallons = 160 acres) by February 29th, 2020. Rebate is applied to total purchase over 4 gallons (e.g. a grower who purchases 16 gallons of product by Feb 29th, 2020 has enough product to treat 640 acres. That grower is eligible for a $640 rebate.)

Dealers are not eligible.

To receive the rebate, grower must complete the online registration form and upload grower proof of purchase (invoice or receipt). 

Upon purchase validation and registration confirmation, rebate checks will be processed and paid directly to each grower participant approx. 90 days following confirmation from Azotic North America. Azotic North America may follow up by phone to collect further details.

All rebate claims must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2020.