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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

In field trials, Encera™ delivers an average yield increase of 8% with existing fertiliser programs or provides the ability to reduce nitrogen levels by 27% and still reach average yields.


Encera Fills the Nitrogen Gap

  • The way nitrogen fertiliser is applied in inefficient. Applied nitrogen fertiliser is lost due to environmental factors before peak demand.
  • The available nitrogen that remains in the soil then has to be translocated into the plant where it is needed for growth. Efficient nutrient translocation can be slowed in a plant due to drought conditions and other stressors - available N does not necessarily equal accessible N.
  • Encera provides a constant season long supply of nitrogen from within the cells of the plant - exactly where nitrogen is needed - filling the gap between available N and accessible N.
The Science Behind Encera