Consider adding this N-fixing bacteria to your nitrogen tool kit in 2021

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Consider adding this N-fixing bacteria to your nitrogen tool kit in 2021

The only N-fixing bacteria that works from inside the plant cells to fix N all season long

New year, new crop season ahead. As you evaluate your plans for next season, what will you do differently? Consider a fresh look at your nitrogen program. Envita N-fixing bacteria allows you to maintain your N fertility program and shoot for even higher yields by 5-13% OR reduce your N fertility program an average of 27% and hit your yield goals. You decide!

Air is 78% nitrogen. Unlike other nitrogen sources, Envita quickly moves into the plant cells at germination naturally metabolizing N directly from the air all season long, when and where the plant needs it most.

This entirely new mode of action makes Envita a powerful tool in your nutrient program. Working from inside the plant and drawing nitrogen from the air means Envita is not subject to the same environmental factors - too hot/too cold, too wet/too dry - that impact availability and translocation  of other sources of nitrogen.

Growers across the US and Canada are incorporating Envita into their crop plans based on the specific goals for their farms. Increase yields, lower input costs, improve test weight or dryer corn at harvest, Envita can play a role in meeting your crop needs.


Two growers working with Yield Master Solutions trialed Envita last year with great results.

New Salem, North Dakota grower, Jeremy Gappert, uses Envita for the full scope of benefits. The benefits of using Envita outweighs the risk of NOT using it. I’ve tested it two years in a row, and corn treated with it consistently yields more, has better test weight and is a good 1/2 point drier. It will go on every acre I have from now on.”

For Steve Gayari Farms, Envita delivered yield advantage and drier corn. “We used Envita with an in-furrow application and had 262.5 bu/acre at 18% moisture vs. untreated 254.3 bu/acre at 18.3% moisture. 8.2 bu/acre yield advantage!!”

Bo Raulerson from Hayti, Missouri uses Envita for additional peace of mind (and better yields).

“Envita gives me the chance to fix what I don’t have a chance to do myself, whether it’s too much rain or we have other delays. So many things can go wrong on any given day, it’s good to know with Envita the plant can hold itself until I get there. You don’t want the plant to suffer because our timing is off.”

A really wet season for Iowa grower, Joe Rosenberg, challenged crop development but the Envita treated crops matured faster than untreated. "The corn was 4 points drier and the ears were further along. I also used it on 600 acres of beans. The results really surprised me, our corn was about 4 points drier than where we didn’t use Envita, which meant less gas needed to dry out our crops. I could tell exactly where I used Envita and our yield numbers were great. I also used Envita on some soybeans and noticed how much faster they came out of the ground." 

Envita N-fixing bacteria completely changes the nitrogen equation on your farm. Join other growers by adding Envita to your nitrogen program this year.

Envita N-fixing: how it works

Envita is a naturally-occurring, food grade microbe that provides plants with the ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air, increasing yields up to 20% or replacing an average of 27%  of their nitrogen needs in corn.  When applied in furrow or as a foliar application, Envita grows throughout the foliage and roots of the plant, metabolizing nitrogen from the atmosphere (which is 78% nitrogen). Growers can choose to use Envita with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or deliver same yields using less nitrogen.

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