Benefits of Nitrogen Fixing with Encera

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Encera™ is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that can help your wheat, maize, potatoes, rice and other crops optimise yields. With this revolutionary technology, up to 25% of nitrogen can be replaced in maize and up to 50% of nitrogen can be replaced in rice. Or you can maintain current N fertiliser levels and achieve higher yield.

The first graph below is a normal nitrogen response curve. As you add N, you will reach an optimum level to achieve maximum yield potential.

The way nitrogen fertiliser is utilised is inefficient. Applied nitrogen fertiliser is often lost due to environmental factors before peak nutrient demand from the crop. Available nitrogen that remains in the soil must be translocated into the plant where it is needed for growth. Efficient nutrient translocation can be slowed in a plant due to drought conditions and other stressors - available N does not necessarily equal accessible N.

We see in the second graph that the use of Encera pushes up the yield potential of a normal nitrogen response curve because Encera provides a constant season-long supply of nitrogen from within the cells of the plant - exactly where nitrogen is needed, filling the gap between available N and accessible N, optimising yield and providing a strong return on investment.

Beyond the improved nitrogen use efficiency, other benefits from Encera can include:

  • Early plant establishment with in-furrow use
  • Advanced growth stages
  • Better ability for plants to withstand stressor including drought stress
  • Consistent availability of N throughout the growing season, particularly at critical growth stages

To see how these benefits turn into yield, quality and return on investment, see results for wheat, maize rice, and potato.

If you have any questions about the benefits of Encera, please contact us.