2019 Farm Trial Program Results

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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

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2019 Farm Trial Program Results

Iowa growers increase corn yields by an average of 9 bu/ac when using N fixing Envita™

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Two independent corn trials with the Iowa Soybean Association validate previous findings showing how Envita offers season-long N fixation when applied with a recommended nitrogen fertility programs, increases corn yield. 

Pottawattamie County, Iowa (corn)

The first corn trial was conducted in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, on corn, following soybean rotation. Rainfall in the area was above average from March to September and the yield results showed an increase of 12 bushels/ac on plants treated with Envita.


Washington County, Iowa (corn)

The second trial was conducted in Washington County, Iowa. The corn treated with Envita demonstrated an average increase of 7 bushels/ac. The treated corn was in the ground following previous soybean harvest in an area which also demonstrated above average rainfall.


North Dakota trials demonstrate 11.7 bu/ac (6 %) yield increase with Envita

Trials conducted in partnership with Yield Master Solutions, and Legend Seeds continue to demonstrate increased yield when Envita is applied with recommended nitrogen fertility programs.


Trial #1 - New Salem, North Dakota (corn)


Trial #2 - New Salem, North Dakota (corn)